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Women’s Special: Pearl Brahmbhatt, Skyscreen International – New perspectives and strategies

08 March 2021: Skyscreen International Pvt. Ltd. has a presence in the printing industry since the past two decades. It is an alliance partner of leading international brands like Nittoku – Japan for high quality fabric for screen printing; Ulano Corporation U.S.A for chemicals, emulsions and films; STAHLS’- USA for heat transfer films; GCC -Taiwan and many more across the globe. Over to Pearl:

I have done my Bachelor of Business Administration from Kingston University, London and MA International Business from Regent’s University, London. I love traveling, trekking and fitness. I was always somehow into my father’s business. But finally, after completing my masters from London, I realised that the printing industry doesn’t end with the traditional way, there’s so much more to the industry than what we’ve explored so far. Heat press printing has always caught my attention and I would love to explore the same to a much greater extent.

As Director at Skyscreen International Pvt. Ltd., my biggest achievement is having created my own personalised T-shirt printing brand, Wear Your Ego. I have positioned myself as an expert guidance provider for setting up T-Shirt printing business. My expertise includes implementation stage, supplying the following: infrastructure, installation, raw material, equipment, training, etc.

There are various technologies for T-shirt printing but heat transfer has several advantages over the other systems, such as no edge, soft feel, ironable, excellent durability and washable. I believe that people, especially women, can start their own business in this field with minimal investment and maximum return. It is always a bonus to have your own company. The time is right to seize a big opportunity to start your own business, explore profitable entrepreneurship with a small investment.

Fortunately I did not face many hurdles in this industry, as with years passing the industry has opened up and become more receptive, offering greater opportunities for women. Today there is more acceptance than ever before. If not my family business I would have gotten into the hospitality and travel business.

COVID-19 hit the entire world, but women did not stand back! Women bring out a different point of view and make strong contributions in all fields. A positive change is coming through slowly; since 2015 the percentage of women in leadership has increased from 17% to 21%. Ultimately, the growth of the planet requires new perspectives and strategies. Women and young girls are creating a whole different mindset.

Anil Brahmbhatt, affirms, “I believe that all fathers should keep an open mind and support their daughters or sons equally when it comes to their life choices as well as career pursuits. I am proud of what my daughter Pearl has accomplished at a very young age and her efforts to empower other people, especially women, by facilitating their entrepreneurial dreams. Every businessman’s daughter has the potential to stand by his side, be on his management team and become his eventual successor; you just need to provide a nurturing environment for her abilities to blossom. It ultimately comes down to one simple thing – how you raise and educate your daughters and sons, whether you treat them both the same way, in an impartial manner. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi has highlighted that we should have more women entrepreneurs, so as a nation we are on the right track when it comes to this aspect.”

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