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YouCare is born: the T-shirt that saves lives using 5G is now a reality

02 July 2021: It’s called YouCare and is the new remote health monitoring service, based on a revolutionary new wearable technology, totally textile, washable and easy to use.

This innovation, totally made in Italy, is able to detect a large number of bio-vital parameters of the individual and transmit them, in an intelligent way, thanks to 5G. The project focuses on the use of revolutionary textile devices like the T-shirt without metal components and with sensors naturally “set” into the fabric.

Launched during Mobile World Congress 2021, ZTE said that they are particularly proud to be partner in this extraordinary innovation and firmly believe that 5G technology is the key to a better quality of life. ZTE further emphasized that they believe in talent and capabilities and want to keep giving their contribution to the Italian and the global technological development. For this reason, starting from next fall, ZTE will initiate the YouCare 5G test in the Innovation and Research Center located in L’Aquila.

YouCare enables the detection of bio-vital parameters, such as a “real” electrocardiogram, a respiratory act analysis, the components of the sweat, the muscle effort, and the body temperature, that has never been detected by textile sensors. The T-shirt allows the transmission, via ultra-fast 5G ZTE connection, to health centers and control, as well as to individual users.

The textile technology, patented and certified, develops new services for the protection of health in the areas of telemedicine, work, sport, and the general well-being of an individual. By monitoring health, stress, and active living behaviors, it improves the safety of people, of the elderly, and of the sportive people.

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