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61% of employers in India plan to continue flexible work arrangements post COVID-19

23 September 2020: COVID-19 brought a huge disruption to the Indian workforce, but it also brings a great opportunity. Companies keeping pace with the fast-changing digital world have leveraged their distributed workforces to experiment with new approaches to communication and productivity.

So, a recent survey indicates that 61% of employers in India plan for flexible work arrangements beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over half of employers continue to face a talent shortage due to candidates lacking the necessary work experience and skills, according to a survey report released by RGF International Recruitment.

The report says that although remote working arrangements were previously not as widely popular in India, 93% of employers have since embraced the option, and 61% intend to continue with them, ahead of Indonesia (47%), Vietnam (55%) and Greater China (47%).

Employers in India are also quickly adopting digital solutions to overcome telecommuting limitations. Remote working options have not seen a huge decrease in productivity, with only 14% of employers reporting less than 50% productivity, while 14% have reported higher than usual productivity rates.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, new soft skills already on the radar may become increasingly relevant to employers.

RGF International Recruitment’s latest Talent in Asia 2020 report is based on a comprehensive analysis of over 4,600 survey responses about hiring trends across 11 Asian countries and markets.

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