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$960bn Textile Industry is one of the most Pollutants in the World

11 December 2020: The new article published by on the sustainable textiles industry “The $960 Billion Textile Industry is One of the Most Polluting in the World,” is something really a shocking news. The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world in terms of chemical treatments and greenhouse gas emissions with nylon production alone responsible for about 60 million tons of emissions per year, the report said.

There has been a surge in interest in sustainable textiles in recent years as more companies look to clean up their supply chains. The multiyear agreement expands on the companies’ existing relationship. Earlier this year, the companies produced the first ton of bio nylon-6 precursor material at a pilot scale.

So, Biomaterial manufacturer Genomatica and nylon material manufacturer Aquafil have partnered on a new demonstration facility to manufacture the largest quantity of 100% renewable nylon-6 ever available. The move to a demonstration scale plant will now give Genomatica the ability to supply renewable nylon to brands who wish to explore developing renewable products.

The first production runs are expected to create 50 tons of bio-nylon for pre-commercial use by Genomatica’s brand partners with plans for the demonstration plant to continue supplying bio-nylon until commercial scale plants are in operation.

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