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AROO Delivers Made in India ‘Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System’ for Indian Army

26 April 2022: AROO, the first Indian Defence Start-Up in the apparel and gear segment, has supplied over 60,000 ECWCS (Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System) sets to Indian Defence. This product is used by Indian soldiers at high altitude regions including the Siachin Glacier which is the highest battlefield in the world. ECWCS is a 3-layer modular clothing system worn together, which is designed to operate in temperatures of up to -50 degrees Celsius. This clothing system was being imported for over 25 years.

AROO is India’s first defence start-up that creates Intellectual Property in specialized defence clothing. AROO was started by Rohit Bedi and Munish Hinduja, in the defence space for apparel and gear, and through its OEM, manufacturers the ECWCS and other specialized defence clothing to the Armed forces.

“AROO’s first product was ECWCS where it passed field trials in 2017 and is currently manufacturing this product in India through its OEM in Bengaluru. AROO’s ECWCS outperforms the imported clothing systems provided to the Indian Army. It is also at a lower cost thus providing savings to the Indian government. Furthermore, the Indian Army is no longer dependent on foreign companies for this life-saving apparel. AROO is also in advanced field trials with the Indian Army for the new Trouser ECC (extreme cold clothing) which operates in temperatures up to -30 degrees Celsius.

Rohit Bedi, Co-founder AROO said, “Our mission is to provide world-class protection solutions for our ‘JAWANS,’ and our ambition is to exceed any world manufacturer in terms of product, quality and pricing. With the government’s initiative and thrust of encouraging Indian defence manufacturing. AROO realized the potential in this segment because a large portion of the special clothing and mountain equipment (SCME) was being imported into the country.”

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