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Azon new multipurpose glow in blacklight UV Led Ink

30 March 2021: The glow under Blacklight UV LED Inks with endless printing possibilities. Invisible ink is often used to secretly mark objects, including vases, painting, prints and documents for later identification and authentication under black light.

Judging the authenticity of documents resolution – Black lights are used to help identify forgeries and counterfeits. Alterations to documents can often be detected with a black light, as the added paper, glue or other material might stand out from the rest of the.

# Print 3D and special effects – Invisible ink can build up and create raised printUV Black Light Products need a UV black light source to fluoresce – glow.
# Invisible Ink to protect Art and Collectibles – Black light is helpful in identifying, dating and identifying fakes and reproductions of many collectible or otherwise valuable objects.
# Eco Invisible LED UV inks – with En-71/3 Toy Safety Certificate. Little to no (VOCs) are off-gassed which makes for an eco-friendly process.
Easy maintains, stable inks – No system cleaning upon switching from Varnish to Invisible UV Led ink. Fully compatible with TurboJet UV LED ink.
# User friendly software for beginners decreases needs for Illustrator, CorelDraw, Photoshop and advance software for experts and unique special effects.
# Prints compliant BRAILLE signage – Easy built up Braille tactile with invisible ink.

Markets and Applications, beside protection it can be used to decorate promotional products, create indoor signage, awards, packaging and more. Prints on substrates such as plastic wood, glass, and metal.

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