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Boston Industrial Solutions Inc. partners with Real Pad Printers in India

30 June 2020: Boston Industrial Solutions Inc., USA  is pleased to announce new partnership with Real Pad Printers in New Delhi. Real Pad Printers will be suppliers of Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. Natron™ pad printing inks, screen-printing inks, digital inks, software and Volta™ printing machines in India. Real Pad Printers will stock, distribute, and support customers using these inks the Indian market.

Real Pad Printers will be suppliers of the world’s best silicone ink in India – Natron™ SE Silicone ink line.

Available inks in Indian market:
# Natron™ SE series silicone inks for silicone rubber
# Natron™ MG Series for glass, metal, ceramics, and hard plastics
# Natron™ EK Series for plastics (a one component ink for printing on over 90% of all plastics)
# Natron™ UV-MK Series inks – a one component multi-substrate LED UV curable screen-printing inks for plastics, metal, glass, wood, etc.
# Natron™ ST Series inks for pad printing and screen printing onto soft touch, nylon and rubber. This ink is also great on tagless printing.
# Natron™ SilTex™ silicone inks for tagless printing on textiles. This ink is ideal for printing on high end textiles.

Customer Support
Real Pad Printers will offer exceptional technical support for inks in our current portfolio as well as any future inks Boston Industrial Solutions Inc. develops. / (+91 99108 96059) 

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