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Concept to CatWalk: Future is Faster, More Sustainable and More Creative

29 October 2021: It is exactly here, in the heart of the Como area, that Creazioni Digitali, a leading company in textile digital printing, and Kornit Digital, an Israeli multinational leader in innovation in the FashionTech sector, decided to create CreOSphere, an event dedicated to responsible innovation.

A unique event of its kind, taking place over two days. The first one, on 26th October 2021, will be organised in the splendid setting of Villa Erba in Cernobbio, while the following day, Wednesday 27th October, will be held in the CreO Center, the experimental centre of Digital Creations.

CreOSphere will be the occasion to share ideas and visions and discover the features of Kornit Digital’s Presto S and Atlas Max machines, as well as learn about the high-quality service offered by Creazioni Digitali.

In particular, CreOSphere rolls out as follows:
– 26 October 2021 – From 5 p.m.
Villa Erba Antica | Cernobbio | Como
An evening during which we will talk about sustainability and responsibility, the vision that guides the two companies and the results that can be obtained when adopting that mindset. Speakers will include voices of pioneers in responsible innovation such as Giusy Bettoni of C.L.A.S.S., Stefano Babbini of Mogu, and the CEOs of Creazioni Digitali and Kornit Digital, Roberto Lucini and Ronen Samuel respectively.

– 27 October 2021 – 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Digital Creations | Lurate Caccivio | Como
An open day at the CreO Center, the production and experimental centre of Creazioni Digitali where creativity and inspiration meet. Here, responsible innovation is one of the pillars on which machines and processes are built, in order to ensure sustainability and innovation. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit “behind the scenes” of the excellence of Como’s textile digital printing and touch the potential of Kornit Digital’s Presto S and Atlas Max, as well as discover the curiosities, processes and ideas that lead the sustainability concept of the two partner companies

Roberto Lucini, Fondatore e CEO di Creazioni Digitali, said “Thanks to the partnership between Creazioni Digitali and Kornit Digital we want to provide textile companies with a unique technology, resulting from responsible innovation that will revolutionise the printing process thanks to reduced pollution, shorter timeframes, flexibility, and incredible creative potential.”

Samuel, CEO of Kornit Digital, said “Creazioni Digitali is a recognised leader and innovator in Como and Kornit is proud to partner with them as we write the operating system for sustainable fashion on demand. We see a shift in the textile and fashion industry, and digital will be a catalyst for modernizing the business, breaking the barriers between imagination and physical applications, connecting consumers and fulfillers on a global scale, and truly realize a new model providing both sustainability and profitability, free of waste.”

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