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Frederic Gomez & Co. enters Indian market to Revamp Brands

27 October 2021: India is a competitive market where famous brands are ready to go global and rebrand with modern ideas. So, Frederic Gomez & Co., a leading creative genius specialist from France that is renowned in the European and the Chinese market for its expertise in the Fashion, lifestyle and luxury segment, has entered Indian market. Frederic Gomez & Co, is now set to offer consulting services and sourcing of the best creative talents from the trending European hubs to support, propel or revamp brands in India.

Founded in 2009 in Paris, Frederic Gomez & Co is entering the Indian market to cater brand requirements and brand strategy consultancy with end-to-end solutions. They assist brands to have access to the best creatives and C-Level talents in Europe, who have gained years of experience with famous and top-notch brands in Europe.

Frederic Gomez & Co has collaborated with established brands like LVMH, Sonia Rykiel and Accor to start-ups in Europe and Asia. Multiple high-end brands like Berluti, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Icicle in Europe and brands like Elegant Prosper, Anzheng group, JNBY in China, have been accompanied for development and revamping by Frederic Gomez & Co. Considering the vast range of client requirements, they provide made-to-order solutions from design services, sketches, tech packs, and prototypes to recruitment and setting up business units in sectors like fashion, beauty, luxury, architecture, hospitality, and lifestyle industries. Frederic Gomez has successfully modernized and re-positioned brand images to attract a younger clientele in the lifestyle fashion segment, while maintaining old client base and ensured consistent turnover.

Frederic Gomez, the founder of Frederic Gomez and Co, said “My team with its global experience and work excellence, is ready to enter confidently in the Indian market. We have built dream teams with not just know-how skills but also know-how-to-be thanks to our exclusive assessment method for recruitment. We consider ourselves as our customers’ partner with the intention of building long-term relationships.”

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