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H2O Graphix Unveils Experience Center at Kohinoor Square in Mumbai

29 September 2022: Water transfer printing which is also known as “Hydrographics Printing”, is a method of applying printed designs over three-dimensional or curvature objects. It involves transferring the printed design onto an object inside the water. The hydrographic process can be used on metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and various other materials, anything except paper and fabric. Hydrographics technique is surely not a substitute for other printing such as digital or sublimation. However, whatever cannot be printed or decorated by screen, digital, sublimation – such as 3D objects or curvature products – can be accomplished by Hydrographics technique.

The concept is not new in India or elsewhere in the world. In India the concept has been around for the last 15 years. However, there were few select traders who import the materials and equipment required for the hydrographics printing. So, we are the first one to offer Made in India hydrographics printing technology in 2016. This includes equipment, materials and technical knowhow to clients,” says Aakash Sheth, a 30-year young and dynamic Founder and CEO of H2O Graphix (P) Ltd., Mumbai.

Founded in 2016, H2O Graphix is said to be India’s first and only Hydrographics film manufacturer. Their 5,000 sq.ft manufacturing facility is located at Ahmedabad. Their 1,000 sq.ft Sales Office and Training Center is located on a famous landmark building Kohinoor Square at Dadar (West), Mumbai. The facility also has an Experience Zone with exclusive samples gallery. The company offers Water Transfer Solutions for Mass Production, retail to wholesale, training to execution – all under one roof.

H2O Graphix is demerged hydragraphics business of Photokina Chemicals. “Once upon a time this division was part of Photokina and it had a wider scope and growth prospect than the other segments of Photokina. So, to give individual identity and allow it grow rapidly, the hydrographics business was separated and H2O Graphix was formed as a private limited company with Aakash Sheth and Jagdish Sheth as director. H2O Graphix also manufactures all supporting chemicals and equipment for Water Transfer Printing applications. With a production capacity of over 45,000 sq. mtr. per month, H2O is said to be India’s biggest Water Transfer Printing Solutions provider.

The trend is picking up very fast in India as there is limitless possibilities to decorate various products/objects and customize products for corporate gifting such as power banks, helmets, tea coasters, lunch matt, tea/sugar box, mixer-grinders, even idols, even umbrella handle,” says Aakash.“On the investment aspect, he emphasizes that Hydrographics set up is available for small and big entrepreneurs.

“Even somebody wanting to start own business can just invest about Rs.1.5 lakh with a 400 sq.ft work area to produce about 15 to 50000 pieces per month. Or big investment can be upto 10 lakhs to produce about 15 lakh pieces per month. We offer four types of equipment and four types of raw materials required for the print and finishing of hydrographics production,” he adds.“On the marketing and promotion of the concept, Aakash says “Earlier we used to participate in print exhibition. However, we are now marketing and promoting online100% as a unique model because we do not have any field sales force. We are focusing on ‘pull’ marketing (online) strategy than the ‘push’ marketing (offline and trade shows). Having said, our clientele is increasing day by day such as corporate clients, OEM service providers, small scale design and print service providers/job workers. We have also exported to Africa, South America, UAE, etc.”

He informs that the water transfer printing process is extensively used to decorate products or fancy gift items such as vehicles and car dashboards, to small items like bike helmets or other automotive trim. Films can be applied to all types of substrates including plastic, fiberglass, wood, ceramics, and metal.

“The big advantages of hydrographics technique is that it can be applied on any curvature and mass production. Hydrograhics technique is used to decorate God’s idols, sanitary ware etc.” says Aakash, adding, “the only disadvantage is that we cannot get registration in case of pair printing such as helmets where two identical designs have to be applied on both sides of the product.”

He adds “The training is for 1 to 3 days depending on the seekers’ background. We conduct exclusive application wise training and do not mix up the audience. In a month we undertake about 8 to 10 sessions. Of course these are paid service which is Rs.15,000 per training.”

Explaining the factors behind the success of H2O Graphix he says: “First of all we are offering import substitute solutions under one umbrella. Secondly we offer technical training on the application and use of hydrographics on various products followed by reliable after sales support online. Our kits are plug and play and easy to understand and use. These kits are supplemented with operational video. Today we have about 60-70% market share in India in hydragraphics segment with presence all over India. We have so far achieved double digit growth year on year and are still growing upwards. We have a large number of small players who are important to our future success as these very small players are going to expand one day, once they take position in the market.”

He clarified that as a matter of policy H2O does not undertake any major jobwork of hydrograhpics printing. “We undertake small and niche orders, complicated and critical jobs. Often we pass on the leads to our clients. Our focus is to provide training and supply equipment and materials to start ups and existing players.”

Aakash concluded with a revelation “We are trying to strengthen our business. However, in future we may also seek tie ups from private equity partners to take our steady and growing business to the next level with bigger and wider presence in the market. And there is big potential in hydrographics market which can be expanded with infusion of bigger funds. Some key players in printing equipment (like digital printing machine manufacturers) can play a bigger role in this segment. We have built our business based on a unique model with systems and procedures in place, and it would be easier for them to take the hydrographics business forward like a ready to drive car.”

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