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IdeaBaaz: Transforming the T-Shirt Market

05 May 2021: The t–shirt market is overcrowded with a large number of non-inclusive brands. With this realization, Tanya Desai, a mass communication graduate, conceptualised the idea of IdeaBaaz: an Indian, inclusive brand, promoted and backed by Ahmedabad-based Image Care (P) Ltd., a branding and printing company founded by her father and uncle.

Fundamentals of IdeaBaaz are very clear “We are not here to preach our ideals or impose random philosophies; we are not here to ‘target’ one market segment. We are not a brand only for the youth, neither are we a brand only for the men; we aren’t a brand that caters to just indie rock lovers, neither are we a brand only for the Bollywood buffs. What we are is a brand that all of you will feel proud to call yours. Because we are the brand that talks about Indian attitude,” young Tanya Desai affirms.

Image Care (P) Ltd., established in 2001 by Ashish and Anuj Desai, believes that when brothers with different, but complementary skills having the same ideology do business together; work turns into joy and that is the biggest advantage of siblings working together. This spirit of togetherness can create wonders.

If someone starts working in the family business right from their college days itself, it helps them to properly understand the business and comprehend the values of that company to a much better extent. With that, it is much easier for them to blend in within the system when they decide to join it on a full-time basis later on.

Tanya Desai, daughter of Ashish Desai, worked with Image Care when she was in college and now, Anuj’s son Aryan is also playing a part in the website and app development of IdeaBaaz. Differences of opinion are but natural and to be expected when individuals who can think for themselves, work together. However, perfect communication and an open mind can overcome any problem.

Image Care was a branding and printing company at inception, but now with a new family member on board, they have launched their Digital Idea wing and the IdeaBaaz T-shirt brand. As long as values of family and the core ideology of business remain intact, the new members and next generation will definitely continue the legacy.

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