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Knowell Corporation Introduces PPG TESLIN Printable Synthetic Paper for the Card Industry

21 December 2021: Mumbai based Knowell Corporation has tied up with US-based PPG Industries to sell TESLIN brand synthetic printable paper for laminated print projects and other applications demanding a tough, high-performance material such as identification cards and credentials, brand protection labels and Smart Cards and RFID Tags, Tags and Labels, Laminated Cards and Key Tags, Secure Credentials and ID Cards, e-Passport e-Covers, Certificates etc.

Knowell had showcased these products at the recently concluded IPCA Expo which was held concurrent with electronica /productronica expo in Bengaluru. Giving details of the new product, Chintan Mehta of Knowell Corporation, says that the PPG TESLIN Substrate is a single-layer, polyolefin-based material. It is engineered with a microporous matrix that allows it to absorb and create strong interlocking bonds with inks, adhesives, coatings and laminating films. It resists abrasion and safeguards printed text and graphics from distortion, laminates or protective coatings.

It is compatible with a broad range of print technologies including screen printing, laser or inkjet digital printing. One can print like conventional pulp paper so it does not demand special inks or drying equipment. It absorbs inks and toners and bonds them to its surface almost instantly, which results in quick dry-times and nearly indestructible printed text and graphics. Teslin substrate bonds to laminating films and adhesives to provide multi-dimensional strength and extended service life for laminated print products such as cards.

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