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Nanjing Boasts of World’s Largest 3D Printed Pavilion

29 July 2021: The world’s most extensive modified plastic 3D printed architecture is Nanjing Pavilion of Happy Valley Theme Park which officially opened its doors in mid-November in 2020. The design was proposed by Archi-Union Architects and Fab Union and they claim that it is intended to reflect an avant-garde structure standing tall and fascinating as a futuristic wonder, opening the way to another dimension. This new pavilion located in China challenges architecture and construction on a higher level thanks to its highly original and innovative design.

The east gate extends 52-meters in length and 26-meters in width, projecting over 1,352 square meters and a surface unfolds of 1,950 sq. mtrs. The heterogeneous irregular overhang span up to 30m, encountering and challenging the design and construction team. 18,300 sq. mtrs., the plaza stands as a significant padding and background, a transcendent and welcoming gate, inspiring to invoke a mesmerizing spatial experience for tourists and visitors alike.

In terms of design, 6 shades of pink were used for each segment using the color pixel collage algorithm. Each of the panels was then 3D printed following the established pattern. After repeated testing of resistant materials the team opted for an outdoor UV-resistant color-modified thermoplastic that can achieve 256 colors with precise parametric color printing technology.

One of the problems in integrating large-scale 3D printing is the dual requirements in scale and precision, which are beyond the limits of physical characteristics of 3D printed materials. Despite this, this project provides a solution from two perspectives: global optimization and cellular computing. Overall, a surface subdivision optimization algorithm derived from a 3D printing model guarantees a safe, reliable and accurate result of the overall panel division.

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