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SPI Webinar by Karan Dharamsi : A thought-provoking webinar on Online Marketing to boost sales

05 October 2020: “Improve Your Sales/Online Marketing Strategies During Lock-Down,” a thought-provoking Webinar was presented by Karan Dharamsi, CEO, The Marketing Nerdz, Mumbai, on 30th September 2020. The Webinar was organized by Screen Print India magazine and supported by Screenprinting & Graphics Association of India (SGAI).

Karan said that despite having a ‘lead generation’ process in place, still, business is not able to generate enough lead and convert them into sales and close deals. He highlighted some of the mistakes of enterprises such as ruthless email marketing which anyway leads to spamming; and lack of follow up on leads is also another mistake. He also revealed the secrets of social media marketing and how to use the available platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. He said that the ultimate motive of marketing efforts, be it offline or online, is to generate lead. But such leads become dead if repeated follow is not done. He disclosed the right way of email marketing, promotion on Youtube with the right video. He also explained that while making promo video one should address certain benefits of products to buyers (YOU) without highlighting much about the company’s biography (ME). He also emphasized on using the right keywords while uploading the video on YouTube; and use of creative content; how to discover the right keyword and title for the video. Karan also emphasized more on creating and uploading educative video in which the information about the products and services can be embedded.

Karan said that while promoting on social media, companies need to address various elements of decision making such as price, quality, benefits, service, USP, testimonials, delivery, etc. He said the cost-effective way of sales is to follow up on old leads as they do not need any marketing efforts except follow up. He said that generating fresh leads is expensive too and requires intensive efforts. He said organizations should make efforts to get repeat orders and repeat less expensive purchase.

Karan ended his session by emphasizing on hybrid marketing involving offline and online marketing efforts, email marketing, educational books and videos, etc.

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