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Women’s Special: Mitesha Shanbhag, Mitesha Enterprises – Making a tangible difference

08 March 2021: Mitesha Enterprises was established in August 1993. The company is a distributor for 3M India Ltd. (IATD Division), Avery Dennison India Pvt. Ltd. (Reflective, Graphics And Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes Divison); Stockist and Importers for Application Tapes, Tissue Tapes, Polyester Tapes, PVDC Sheets, Penta Sheet, Sabic Polycarbonate Films And Sheets, Specialty Tapes, Label Stocks and Surface Protection Tapes. Mitesha Shanbhag is a qualified Company Secretary. Her passions include travelling, playing badminton, swimming and reading. Over to Mitesha:

After completing my graduation, I was given an option to join the family business. It was a good opportunity to apply the knowledge I had gained from my education. Since childhood, I was allured by my dad’s working style and the passion he has to serve his customers. I have been fascinated by the trade started by my father; the baton of which is now carried on by me and my brother, Jay Patel. While joining the business, I was asked if I could make a difference and wasn’t given any special treatment. However, I was allowed to think, analyze and grow with the respect which I would have looked for even if I was working with any other company. It’s been 8 years since I joined and have learned and grown over some time.

Screen printing technology has widened its scope with numerous new generation applications such as automobile dials and decals, ceramic decals, metal labels, product application label, PCB and electronics, home appliances, electrical goods, sports goods etc. The demand for textile printing has also increased the scope of the printer. Overall the industry is booming. If not the printing field, my career choice would probably have been that of a Practicing Company Secretary (ACS).

Initially, the challenges faced were limited mobility, male dominance, balancing the busy work schedule with family life. However, you meet all kinds of people on this journey and by keeping a positive attitude, Self-Confidence and focus on the goal; all the challenges can be overcome.

In COVID 19 women have been at the frontline in taking care of the family as well as ensuring their professional responsibility. They have proved themselves in various fields. Instead of demanding equality; it is time to accept men and women can’t be equal and stop proving that we are better. Gender equality for me stands for equal opportunity. The way a son is allowed to run a family business, a daughter has an equal right to run the business. However certain challenges will be faced and everyone should respect the same. I am thankful to my father who has given me an equal opportunity as given to my brother. Also thankful to my brother who respects my decisions and is my backbone. I am already married and look I have continued working in father’s business so I am thankful to my husband who supported me each time and encouraged my passion as well.

Kirit Ratilal Patel, shared, “I am really happy to have a daughter in my life. A daughter is no less than a son and can succeed in the family business. In many factories, the key designer, the production manager function is headed by women. They are smart and hardworking and very sincere in their work. Education is the first step to giving the daughter a path to think, be independent and ensuring they can manage themselves and their family well. There are many people from our industry who have daughters and have always said they would want their daughters to join the factory after seeing my daughter running the business. I would like to wish all the women from the industry Happy Women’s Day!”

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