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Pantone Adds Six New Colours Inspired by Metaverse

15 June 2022: Pantone has introduced six new colours, inspired by nature and “biomimicry”, as part of a new venture taking clothing design into the “metaverse”.

The new shades are a cosmic blue (Pantone 2728 C), playful pink coral (709 C), faded lilac (2107 C), grounding burnt orange (pureed pumpkin 17-1449), dramatic charcoal black (ebony 19-4104) and a quiet creamy beige (French oak 13-0400).

They were developed in partnership with Spatial Labs (sLABS) to tie in with the announcement of a “wearable hardware product” called LNQ. This supports moves to allow garments to exist in the digital world, through technology such as virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as the physical world.

From outfits to other products and even physical appearance, it taps into web 3.0 technology that enables users to change how they are represented in the digital world such as metaverse avatars.

The new colours have been designed to “evoke feelings of optimism, comfort and confidence”.

Laurie Pressman, Vice President, Pantone Color Institute, added “Ultimately, the goal was to curate a selection of colours that could serve as physical touchpoints in a virtual world – colours that could live comfortably in a commercial fashion environment while still retaining a curated element and approach.

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