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Mumbai Mudrak Sangh unveils World Print Hub, an Open Platform for Print Community

18 February 2021: As a part of its ongoing knowledge sharing activities and to bring global leaders on a platform, Mumbai Mudrak Sangh (MMS) has launched their new initiative – World Print Hub Community (WPH), in collaboration with Cyber Alchemist. WPHC is the Global Community, focusing on Printers, Trade Associations, Suppliers and Manufacturers, Thought leaders and Printing Enthusiasts. This is said to be the first and one of its kind platform for the print community.

According to Tushar Dhote, Immediate Past President, Mumbai Mudrak Sangh and CMD of Dhote Offset Technokrafts, the Objective of the portal is to provide a common platform whereby the industry leaders can meet with different constituents of the print packaging and allied industries and support each other towards future enhancements and augmentation in the digitalisation of the industry.

How it all started ? During a conversation with Jeevan Bhingarkar of Cyber Alchemist on the Print Industry scenario today, it struck both of us that the industry is right now in a precarious position due to COVID-19 pandemic. And we decided to launch the World Print Hub. The idea received an overwhelming response from the members of MMS when the idea was put across to them,” recalls Dhote.

We are offering different services to its community members starting with an online stream of communications on industry topics in the form of Multimedia Posts,” says Dhote, adding, “We are creating a global advisory group of experts in different subjects related to Printing. They can help our members access expertise in areas like Technology, Legal, Commercial, Taxation etc. The kind of content and material we will keep on making available would be mind-boggling. The freshness of content and stimulating of the mind is guaranteed.

According to him, the portal allows the creation of different Groups. Members can come together in smaller numbers and have focussed progressive discussions. The portal also has a library which can crowdsource interesting and informative and futuristic content. There is a section dedicated to learning with MMS’s Learning management system to support asynchronous learning where different training programs will be recorded and available to members with on-demand access. And for job seekers, there is a job section as well.

The most important function of the portal is to offer a marketplace where manufacturers and suppliers of print equipment and consumable and replenishable can post their product information and seek leads and even transact business. This will be supported by a knowledge repository of different types of Estimators and Calculators of activity costs.

And, there will be a “Print Doctor” who will be available to address issues of the members round the clock and gain the wisdom of the senior, members. “Printers are beset with a variety of problems but sometimes they are not aware how to tackle this or they may be hesitant to take a second opinion. So, our services of Print Doctor (Ask me anything – AMA) will be available to address issues of the members round the clock and gain the wisdom of the senior members. In short, there are many people to guide printers (or even print buyers, why not ?), advise them and help in addressing their concerns,” explains Dhote.

The portal is accessible to all printers from across the world. Though most of the services are offered without any charges, for some specialised services a nominal charge would be levied. But, one has to become a member to avail of the benefits. MMS Core team would be Jigar Satara (Chairman), Rahul Kulkarni (Co-Chariman) and Tushar Dhote, who would monitor on a day to day basis. WPH has tied up with leading luminaries of the print world and a global advisory group of experts in different subjects. Mumbai Mudrak Sangh (MMS) has been at the forefront of providing yeomen service to the Print Industry. With a rich experience of 65 years behind it, MMS has always believed in innovating, implementing, integrating and invigorating fresh ideas and developments in the Print industry.

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