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22 December 2021: Pearl Brahmbhatt, Director, SkyScreen International (P) Ltd., shares how this innovative concept under the aegis of her personalised T-shirt printing brand ‘Wear Your Ego’ enables nine select owners to make a unique style statement

I believe that tee shirts will never go out of fashion and this venture amalgamates my fashion concepts with my entrepreneurial abilities. Only9T is a revolutionary new concept with truly exclusive tee shirts in unisex patterns for men and women of all sizes. Each imaginatively conceptualised and artistically implemented design showcased here is restricted to only 9 tee shirts in total.

It doesn’t matter if it strikes the fancy of a multi-billionaire or even royalty, the number is stipulated in advance. Whatever be the colour (black/ white) or dimensions chosen, once the magic number is crossed and the ‘SOLD OUT’ sign comes up, that’s it.

Once 9 privileged purchasers have claimed ownership, you will not find a tenth tee available in that design or persuade us to print ‘just one more’ as an exception to the rule, even by paying a king’s ransom to obtain it.

Our in-house talented, professional designers ensure no design is ever repeated. Once the design is sold out, it is gone forever and will be replaced by the next trending design print.

Only9T encompasses a contemporary attitude suitable for a range of occasions, with an avant-garde twist guaranteed to make heads turn. With every Only9T you will receive a special certificate of authenticity, and gain entry to the Only9T Hall of Fame.

Tee shirts have universal appeal and so my concept takes the humble tee made of the best Indian cotton and gives it a new take the moment I add the dazzle of printable effects onto it. This is not the run of the mill printing process but a non-traditional printing technique using cutting edge international technology.

While there are various technologies for t-shirt printing, heat transfer has several advantages over the other systems, such as no edge, soft feel, ironable, excellent durability and washable. We use Heat Transfer Films from STAHLS’- USA.

Every tee shirt has a blend of two to four special fabrics printed on. The printable effects for the art work include glow in the dark, reflective, foil, solid colours, metallic, glitter, flake, opaque and many more. The technology is so appealing that those who see a Only9T T-shirt find it irresistible and want one for themselves too. It is a truly ‘limited edition’ collection for those out to make a mark in the universe and reflects that ethos, so when you see a Only9T tee you like, don’t hesitate, just book it right away.

Meet the Creator …..
Only9T is the brainchild of Pearl Brahmbhatt, a young entrepreneur with her finger on the pulse of the fashion universe, with insights on ‘what’s in’ and the dynamic, fluid manner whereby the world of enduring fashion defines the winners and places them on the pedestal of triumph. Pearl has a Bachelors’ degree in Business Administration from Kingston University, London and a Masters in International Business from Regent’s University, London. The daughter of SkyScreen International, Managing Director Anil Brahmbhatt, who is also President, Screenprinting and Graphics Association of India (SGAI), was fascinated by the family business from an early age. Deciding to explore new horizons in the printing industry, the NextGen Director made heat press printing her area of focus and took this aspect of the business to the next level with her personalised T-shirt printing brand, Wear Your Ego.

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